Probably you already recognized that we like the Nike Huarache very much. Approximately one year ago, we wrote the post “Sneaker-Comparison – Nike Air Huarache 2004 vs. 2014“. Like we mentioned in this homage, the most part of the customers did not like the Huarache at all. Today, it is definitely one of the top-selling products of Nike.

Beginning in 2013, Nike hugely extended the product range of the Huarache. The model became available in any colors and materials later on. Guys as well as guys frequently wore them. In 2015, Nike launched the Huarache Ultra, a slight modification of the original with a more soft strap. People often claimed their Huaraches because of a cracked strap. Maybe the Ultra was the reaction of Nike to provide a model which is more appropriate for mass-market. Especially on blogs or at Facebook people often recommend to buy the shoe half-size or size-up. Our crew strictly says that you should buy them in the same size you always wear. Only then the fit is perfect and it looks best.

For the passionated Huarache-geek Timm, the love to this model really got under his skin. Therefore, he got a Huarache tattoo over his ankle in March 2015. He does not regret this at all. Especially when you wear a Huarache and cuff your jeans a bit, it looks amazing. If you do not wear a Huarache at the moment, you wear it anyways. Nick went also to the tattoo artist Michael Ose and got inked with an Asics Gel Lyte III. People often admire it and appeal to you, but sometimes they also look a bit confused to you. A common quality statement is like “Really? A shoe tattoo?”. Love it or let it be.

Except for the all-black and the black-purple edition, you can not get the models in the gallery on the general market any more. You can get the all-black freqently at local or chain stores, online or instore. For example, you can get both of them at Foot Locker EU (purple (click)). We recently made some pictures at Görlitzer Park, Berlin of the purple one. It’s a very comfortable one as the sole is very soft and the mesh is well for the summer.

Nike Air Huarache Foot Locker im Görlitzer Park, Berlin
Nike Air Huarache Foot Locker im Görlitzer Park, Berlin
Nike Air Huarache Foot Locker im Görlitzer Park, Berlin
Nike Huarache OG Scream Green in Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt
Nike Huarache Metro Blue in Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt
Nike Air Huarache Triple Black am Bahnhof Feuerbach in Stuttgart - by Mind13
Nike Huarache Red Volt Sail an der Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart