A shoe for the daily grind – Adidas Stan Smith

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Sorry for just posting some pictures and videos in the last few weeks. We were quite busy at work and university, so we really did not want to write texts. Nevertheless, we keep on preparing content for you. Stay tuned, we are going to provide you a lot of new stuff soon!


So long, the topic of the […]

Nike Air Huarache – somehow always on feet

2016-12-06T14:58:36+01:00June 28th, 2016|Categories: Column|Tags: , , |

Probably you already recognized that we like the Nike Huarache very much. Approximately one year ago, we wrote the post “Sneaker-Comparison – Nike Air Huarache 2004 vs. 2014“. Like we mentioned in this homage, the most part of the customers did not like the Huarache at all. Today, it is definitely one of the […]

Air Max Day 2016 at OPEN WATER in Stuttgart

2016-12-06T14:44:01+01:00March 25th, 2016|Categories: Column|Tags: , , , |

Finally, on Saturday 26th of March 2016, it’s time for Air Max Day again. Therefor, we met at our hometown Stuttgart. Surely. we’re going to pop around for having (at least) one or two beer, comfortable conversations and taking some pictures and videos.

At tomorrow’s event, there will be some Air Max-releases and several specials in honor […]

A real old stager – Nike Air Icarus from 1993

2016-12-05T16:27:40+01:00November 9th, 2015|Categories: Column|Tags: , , , , |

Out latest pickup is quite different compared to the other sneakers we present to you. On the one hand this model is very rare, on the other hand it is a very old one. The Icarus we got was produced in 1993, so more than 20 years ago!

A big advantage of this model is, that we […]

Sneaker-Comparison – Nike Air Huarache 2004 vs. 2014

2016-12-06T14:56:33+01:00July 1st, 2015|Categories: Column|Tags: , , |

Früher war alles besser. Der Shape, die Qualität und sowieso hatte damals noch niemand Turnschuhe an. Stimmt das wirklich?

Heute wollen wir auf dieses Thema im direkten Vergleich eingehen und haben dazu einen Huarache von 2004 im „Metro-Blue“-Colorway aufgetrieben. Da der Schuh wirklich frisch aus der Box kommt, ist die Form noch im Originalzustand und auch […]

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