We are back since a few days and started to work on content about impressions of our USA-Tour.

We present you this content on a completely new website. Typically for Berlin, it took time to present you some content. Broken internet connection(s), exams and our perfectionism did the rest.

Anyway, today we will start: with the culture-check in South Carolina (SC).

SC is one of the best (or the best) states in the south of the USA. SC is on the east coast.

The most German tourists do not know South Carolina and rather it is not a destination for them.

Where are the places to be in South Carolina?

The biggest city in South Carolina is the capital Columbia with around 130,000 inhabitants, followed by Charleston with around 120,000 inhabitants and Greenville 100,000 inhabitants. The counties are far bigger and have around 600,000 inhabitants each. We stayed in Columbia and started from here our tours to each city. South Carolina is compared to other states assessable. Nevertheless, for Germany the destinations are kind of far away. Columbia and Charleston are student cities. Therefore, the most citizens of this cities are around 24. These cities are more chilled than New York or the big cities in California. You do not find many tourists in South Carolina, excluded the beautiful coast city of Charleston. Nevertheless, there is a lot to do in South Carolina. We had the feeling, that sport events are important. Here a lot of people are on the street. Even at high school football events. We had the chance to attend such an event. The connection with local clubs, the own high school and the own college is definitely a part of the citizens. Definitely amazing.

Where are the stores to visit in South Carolina?

The important stores – like in Germany – are more in bigger cities. Therefore, you find the stores to be in the Columbia, Charleston and Greenville.

  • Columbia: ABP Store, 1003 Gervais St, SC 29201
  • Charleston: Sneaker FF, 237 King St, SC 29401
  • Greenville: Profyle, 409 Mills Ave #202, SC 29605

We would like to highlight the “Sneaker FF” (FF = “Feet First”) Store in Charleston. We had the chance to talk with the store owner JP Hudson about the culture in South Carolina, his Store and his personal fashion favourites. You can find the relevant blog-post and the SoleVibe TV-Videos here.

The style of South Carolina

Before we start, we have to say: South Carolina is hot. Very hot. Also the temperature. Therfore, the style is “less is more”. But, stylish. You see man as well as women a lot in sport cloths produced by Nike or Under Armour. During the summer time, you do not need necessarily a sweater. They wearing more Long sleeves, And which kind of sneaker at this temperature? You see a lot Air Force and Jordan Retro shoes. The Under Armour shoes of Steph Curry are also very popular. The Air Force shoe as classical east coast hip-hop sneaker is still popular. You see also a lot of Ultra Boost Adidas shoes in any colorway. This hype is also in South Carolina present.

Result of our visit:

South Carolina is pure USA. This state is beautiful and calm. Nevertheless, you have anything you want. Especially as sneaker and street fashion fan is South Carolina highly recommended. It is nice to see that the hype about sneaker arrived here in way, we can described as stay calm but cool especially in Charleston. If you like it more crowded should visit Charlotte in North Carolina.

Hint: If you are in Charleston, South Carolina, visit JP in his store “Sneaker”.