Sorry for just posting some pictures and videos in the last few weeks. We were quite busy at work and university, so we really did not want to write texts. Nevertheless, we keep on preparing content for you. Stay tuned, we are going to provide you a lot of new stuff soon!


So long, the topic of the day:

We would like to talk about one of our preferred “all day sneakers” (basically for some of our crew): the Adidas Stan Smith.

The model was founded in 1971 in relation to the popular tennis player with the similar name. These days, the model is very popular again.

You basically find people wearing these (for the most part white-colored) shoes in each city and you may often have the problem on parties that there are guests wearing similar shoes.

Maybe some of you will now say: “same hype like Blazer – everybody rocked them and now nobody wants to have them any more”.

There’s one distinct difference between the Blazer and Stan Smith: you do not really recognize the Stan Smiths on feet immediately, whereas the Blazer is quite flashy. The elegant silhouette and the unobstrusive three stripes on the sides, the shoe combines inconspicuousness with conspicuosness, as white sneakers always strike a bit. However, you can wear it at any occasion – shirt or suit or casual on the streets with jeans and a white t-shirt.

Further, the Adidas Consortium-releases are comparable with the Nike Air Max product range. New materials combined with classic silhouettes and exclusively sold via Consortium-retailers: the new Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit was born. We had no luck at the first release but finally at the second try.

Meanwhile you can get these Primeknit-editions at several retailers, especially the OG-pack. We highly recommend you these sneakers for the summer, as the leather edition makes your feet smoke like a chimney.

How is Adidas able to stay successful with the Stan Smith?

Regarding to the amount of sales (which we do not know but you can see these shoes everywhere) we are very curious about that.


As is generally known, these hypes flatten after a while and we will see which strategy Adidas will take.

Although the colorful and dark color editions are not that popular at the moment, they may become trendy. There are some cool collaborations and especially the pimped Raf Simons-editions with the perforated “R” showed what this is all about.

Further, the sole of an Ultra Boost can be transplanted quickly. But who knows what will happen ithe future.

Top 3: Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit Consortium