We’ve collected some FAQ.

For the most part, they were submitted by our readers or asked by our friends.

Sometimes, even our closest friends do not understand why we do all this at all.

SNKRGKS is not a single person. We are crew having roots in and around Stuttgart, Germany.

Meanwhile, we are spread out to Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart.

We are all sneaker lovers for years. Since we met each other for the first time, we talk about sneaker. The idea of snkrgks arose at a hot summer day in July 2013 in the backyard of one of our crew members. Initially, we only hat an Instagram-account. Later on, we created the blog and our Facebook-page as well as Twitter and Snapchat. In November 2016, we relaunched our website with overall new experiences.

We are not rednecks showing their possessions and gloating over all these shoes. Constantly, we meet new people for making pictures of our and their shoes, connect with each other and create networks. New people, new cultures, new places. That’s what this is all about.

You will not find them to a huge extent here. Truth be told…you will not find them here at all. Just for the simple fact that there are several blogs on the internet doing a nice job. Therefore, our content is targets a different segment. To stay up to date due to upcoming releases, we would highly recommend you dead stock Sneakerblog and sneakerb0b. We also use these pages to stay current.

We highly appreciate feedback and suggestions. However, we disabled the comment function consciously. There are several reasons. First of all, we do not want to force you to submit your email-address and solving a Captcha. Less effort and more privacy for you. Further, we do not want that all these flaming douchebags first have to invent a fictional email-address before they can submit their claptrap. So they just can use Social Networks, as we share all our experience and blog posts there. These platforms are fantastic for having good conversations.

All your data traffic at snkrgks is https-encrypted. That means that all the data you share with our website is transfered securely. The confidential treatment of all your data means a lot to us.