Maybe you’ve heard about that: sadly, we left our home Stuttgart. Now, we are spreat out in whole Germany. Timm is in Berlin, Nick in the area of Munich and Tim in Nagold (around Stuttgart).

Ok so far – we do our best to provide you amazing content even despite we live miles away from each other.

That’s why we recently organized a shooting in the adopted home Munich.

Thanks to Waldi and Petar, who supported us by bringing their amazing shoes and outfits to the place. Currently, t’s the only way to capture a large amount of interesting sneakers. The guys gave all. Check out their Instagram-channels @wld.zsm and @petar08.

We’ve chosen the “Englischen Garten” for our photography-session and rocked the place. Soon after, we moved over to Solebox Munich as it was too hot outside. You can see the picture at the stores’ entrance in the gallery. Thanks a lot to the Solebox-staff!

There will be further shootings in and around Munich. If you are interested in taking part, just drop us an email to hello [at] or use the contact formula. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!