During our visit in Charleston, we met JP Hudson at his store “Sneaker”. “FF” stands for “Feet First”. So the focus of this store is clearly on sneaker. Of course, there are also selected pieces of clothes and accessoires. Especially, T-Shirts with the store logo.

“Sneaker” is located in an inner courtyard at King Street in the heart of the shopping district of Charleston. A sign shows directly in the direction of the store.

What a pleasure to meet the store owner JP Hudson and talk with him about local sneaker culture as well as his store.

The store is more than just an ensemble of shelves for goods. It is the authentic work of a real connoisseur. He is part of the local culture and enriched this culture with his store. At the same time, “Sneaker” is the place to go for sneakerheads and people of the culture who prefer a mom-and-pop-store than the chain store. Charleston is not surrounded by cities like New York or Los Angeles and therefore a store of this class is a real enrichment and rarity. With the opening of store, JP Hudson fulfilled his dream. The store also provides space for get-together events. Art lover JP exhibits artworks at the store, especially those of local artists.

JP Hudson talks about the local culture and the importance of his store in Charleston in SoleVibe TV episode #2.

In SoleVibe TV episode #3, he answers questions about his personal preferences of sneaker and fashion.


Some more information:

Address: 237 King Street, Unit D, Charleston, SC 29401

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SneakerFF/

Instagram: https://twitter.com/sneakerff 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sneakerff


Sneaker FF Charleston: Art
Sneaker FF Charleston: Sign at King St.
Sneaker FF Charleston: Inside
Sneaker FF Charleston: Skateboard