SoleVibe TV #7: Sneaker Culture Meetup in Munich

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The seventh episode of SoleVibe TV presented by snkrgks!

In February, we were in Munich, Germany to meet some people of the local sneaker culture. Before we went out for dinner, we produced some content like pictures and video captions, even despite it was freezing cold.

At least the city was full of sneaker-fans, as there was […]

SoleVibe TV #2: Culture Talk with JP Hudson

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Here is Episode #2 of SoleVibeTV for you!

What’s up with the sneaker culture in Charleston, South Carolina?

Not so many Germans know something about this at all.

We got some first-hand answers about that from JP Hudson.

Also check out the Store-Portrait and watch the Sneaker-Talk with JP!


Store Portrait: “Sneaker” in Charleston, SC (USA)

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During our visit in Charleston, we met JP Hudson at his store “Sneaker”. “FF” stands for “Feet First”. So the focus of this store is clearly on sneaker. Of course, there are also selected pieces of clothes and accessoires. Especially, T-Shirts with the store logo.

“Sneaker” is located in an inner courtyard at King Street in the […]

Culture Check #1: South Carolina (USA)

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We are back since a few days and started to work on content about impressions of our USA-Tour.

We present you this content on a completely new website. Typically for Berlin, it took time to present you some content. Broken internet connection(s), exams and our perfectionism did the rest.

Anyway, today we will start: with the culture-check […]

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