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Our show offers you videos with topics about sneaker and the sneaker culture.

Sounds serious, and it is.

But we do not want to lose the fun.

Recent Episodes

Recap: Five Years SUPPA / Store Reopening

5 years Suppa - a good reason to celebrate. Even despite "Sneakerness" happened in Berlin, we went back to our hometown Stuttgart to visit our former local dealer Suppa. Special reason: the 5 Years [...]

  • LACED UP München 09.07.2017 - Sneakersquad

Recap LACED UP Munich 09.07.2017

On 9th of July, we visited the LACED UP sneaker convention at Muffathalle Munich, together with the Sneakersquad Munich. We had the chance to have some good conversations, watch nice sneakers and took some [...]

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Types of episodes

SNKRGKS Sneakertalk

Sneaker Talks

We talk to people from the game about sneaker asking “telegraphic style” questions – like “high top or low top?”

These are easy to answer and show the attitude of the protagonist on point.

Straight forward instead of beating around the bush.

Culture Talk

This attitude is more than just a fondness for shoes.

We are interested, in which way sneakers and streetwear impact the “daily grind” of people and how they get together.

Does not matter where we are – we want to explore the local culture. Sightseeing in a different way!


Event Recaps und Store Portrait

We love travelling and meeting people from the sneaker culure. Therefore, we visit as much events as we can.

If there is no event, the doors of the sneaker stores are always opened.

They often have a straight impact on the local culture.

Bla Bla Bla

We love to talk about sneakers in general.

So there will be another special episode.

Stay tuned!


Need to talk?

You are part of the sneaker culture and you like what we do?

You would love to talk with us about sneaker and culture or you would like to show us your store?

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